Boost your leadership skills and expand your network as a part of a CREW NJ Committee—all while making a difference in our mission to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Committee members learn about the operations of CREW NJ, connect with other dedicated members, and gain the valuable experience needed for future leadership positions within CREW NJ.

All current CREW NJ members are welcome to explore the opportunity of committee service.

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The Golf Committee is an ever-growing and evolving committee responsible for the planning and implementation of CREW NJ's annual signature event. Committee membership offers the opportunity to meet members and prospective clients for sponsorship opportunities for this event (and for CREW NJ), as well as to network and develop relationships with CREW NJ members. The committee includes sub-committees such as: Charity, Marketing, Prizes & Gifts, and Sponsorship.

The Committee organizes in August and conducts monthly meetings. Committee membership is open to all CREW NJ members.


The Website/PR Committee keeps our members, prospective members and the public informed of all educational and networking opportunities sponsored by CREW NJ. The committee is responsible for pre-meeting press releases to help advertise the meetings and events during the year and post-meeting press releases to be posted on our website and distributed to print, online dailies and industry publications.

The committee is also responsible for creating ads to be published in various industry media and photographing all meetings and events to post to the chapter website and to be used for chapter marketing literature. The committee also works with other CREW NJ committees in order to help promote each of the events and to support special programs as needed. The committee meets periodically via meetings and conference calls. Committee membership is open to all CREW NJ members. We would welcome your contribution to the committee!


The Membership Committee is vitally important to the CREW organization. This committee is solely responsible for enticing new members to join CREW NJ. This is accomplished by continually reaching out to potential new members and encouraging them to join CREW NJ to reap the benefits of this superb organization. The prominent event for this purpose is our New Member Breakfast which occurs every September and is planned by this committee.

Each year this committee strives to meet a higher goal of members than in previous years. Additionally, this committee helps members and potential members to network and navigate the monthly meetings by greeting guests and helping to make introductions. The Membership Committee is also responsible for voting on applications and welcoming new members to CREW NJ.

Community Outreach

At CREW NJ we put great effort into helping each other find business opportunities through networking and relationship building. We put an equal amount of effort into helping others outside of our organization through community outreach and philanthropic efforts. CREW NJ focuses on charitable organizations within our region that directly improve the lives of women by supporting the needs and concerns of women and their families.

Each month, members of the Community Outreach Committee organize drives and activities for our members to participate in. We continue to support CREW Foundation and mission of bringing more women into commercial real estate with programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them and creating mentoring relationships for those new to the industry by donating in support of the scholarship fund, industry research, or career outreach efforts.


Property Management-Maintenance
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UCREW NJ University Outreach assists graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in careers in the Commercial Real Estate Industry and qualified fields of Commercial Real Estate related products and services. CREW NJ Members volunteer their time as presenters and role models engaging in roundtable discussions with students about their professions and areas of expertise, the latest industry trends, career entrance criteria in their respective fields, and the importance of building a professional network that enhances opportunities and career development. CREW NJ work directly with area colleges and universities to invite students to participate in a locally hosted UCREW NJ event, where they can meet and talk with women in from various industry segments (i.e. law, brokerage, asset and investment management, development, and construction, professional services and finance.) Our goal is to inspire these young women to be among the next generation in commercial real estate.


Property Management-Maintenance
Dawn Johnson
Johnson Controls, Inc.
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It is the mission of the Programs Committee to enhance the value of membership and to attract and retain new members by providing several types of programs throughout the year.

These include:

  • Monthly Meetings – at these breakfast or lunch meetings we bring to the membership the highest quality of speakers to discuss the most pertinent and timely topics having to do with various aspects of real estate, leadership roles for women and related issues.
  • Members Only Educational Events – these sessions are generally provided by our membership for our membership and are educational in nature. Topics have ranged from brownfield reclamation to tax planning to how to read financial statements, and we continue to survey our members as to topics of interest.
  • Members Only Social Events – these "evenings out," we refer to as "Dine-A-Rounds," provide an opportunity for our members to gather in more intimate groups at restaurants in all the regions of New Jersey. This provides a more personal opportunity for networking.

As a member of this committee, you will get the opportunity to meet high caliber speakers - people who are at the top of the industry. It is this committee's responsibility to make sure the members get the best return on their investment in terms of learning.


The Sponsorship Committee is charged by the Board of Directors to procure the operating funds for CREW NJ. The committee meets several times throughout the year and works together to contact our members and those who have attended our meetings, educational and philanthropic functions.

The committee creates the sponsorship brochure, along with solicitation and thank you letters, as part of the "package" that is used to bring our efforts to a successful conclusion. All materials and training are provided to our committee members. No experience necessary. We welcome any member who has a strong desire to promote CREW NJ and to make new connections!