Highlighting Elizabeth Weidel | Female Business Owner for Women's History Month

March 22, 2023
Written by: Elizabeth Weidel

​Celebrating Elizabeth Weidel and Female Business Owners for Women's History Month

A few fun facts about the Female-led and Operated Title Insurance, Escrow, and Title Insurance Company, Princeton Assurance Title:

DID YOU KNOW that every member of our kick ass Princeton Assurance Title and Settlement family is not just female, but also a working mom?

DID YOU KNOW that combined, the leadership team alone brings more than 88 years of Real Estate, Mortgage, and Title Insurance experience to the table?

DID YOU KNOW that 108 years ago, the history of our company began with a female co-owner?

While we are incredibly proud of what our company has achieved and what it represents, all women of the world deserve to be acknowledged, celebrated, and encouraged this month... and every month.

“As women achieve power, the barriers will fall. As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll all be better off for it.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg